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"Clayton Rohner is one of the best acting teachers / coaches in Los Angeles. I've had the privilege to be a member of his class for several years. and let me tell you, it doesn't get any better. First off, he has been a working actor for 35 yrs. IMDB him just to see his lengthy list of credits. He teaches you the skills you need  to shine as a professional. Clayton has also coached me numerous times. He helps you get out of your head and ready for the room.

So, if you're interested in a great class and teacher, go audit his class - you won't be sorry."

--Stacey S.


"I love the classes at the Barn Acting Studio! I moved  from Australia to pursue my acting career around 4 years ago and attended many classes to see what was the right fit for me. I finally found that with  Clayton Rohner. He is a no nonsense kind of teacher who tells you exactly what you need, to become a better actor. He cares about everyone in his class and genuinely loves what he does.

Clayton has a very personal approach to his teaching,  getting to know each actor and tailoring his teaching based on the individual. In addition to this, Clayton has been a working actor for 35 years and brings this experience to his teaching. Above all, The Barn Acting Studio is like a big family and I feel very happy to be a  part of it!"

--Ray V.


"I've taken Clayton's class throughout the years, along with many other classes and his is absolutely one of the best.   His encouragement and ability to help you break down a scene and break you out of your shell are incredible.  The atmosphere is professional but  fun and familial as well.  

He's also an amazing coach.  I've used him quite a few times to help me prepare for an audition and to tell you  the truth he's my favorite person to coach with.  I always  walk out of the session with such an personal understanding of the scene.  Definitely go audit.  It's worth your time."

--Jennifer S.


"A review for the Barn acting class will only do so much.. as you should go to a class to see what you have  been missing out on.. as you will not only meet great people, with open minds and hearts, but a teacher who is in the business, had success, and tells you like it is.. with advice that will surely make you more observant not only of your decisions but asking yourself, when watching others perform, what decision would I have made..

Mr Rohner is open to all types and minds and is not shy about any situation, and if your an actor/actress you know the need for this is most wanted by all.. although I have not taken an acting class at the Barn in over a year, due to the fact I am living in Europe at the moment, the 1 year I spent here was so beneficial to my acting.. also the confidence Clayton can impart on you to feel comfortable with any decision and all decisions that you will make.. As Clayton would say, "make a decision, any decision, just make sure you go for it 100% and it will be the right decision, maybe not  the best one, but 100% will definetly produce better results than 90% of anything else.." ok not word  for word.. but that is what the man got through to me and I can only thank him now..

Go and see whats up.. you will not regret it.. either way  what are you gonna do if your not making auditions or shooting some blockbuster? Go to the Barn to hang out, sharpen your skills and meet some cool people.. Dam straight you will.. enjoy and say hello to Clayton for me.."

--Mickey F.


"This is BY FAR one of the BEST if not THE BEST acting studio in LA. I have taken various classes and audited many more and none have kept my curiosity and interest as this one.

Clay is hands down one of the best acting teachers out there! He KNOWS what it takes to be a strong, successful actor in the industry because he is a working actor himself. This is a tough industry and you want an honest teacher by your side to give you the tools you need to succeed. His standards are incredibly high and he demands and pushes each of this students to reach their fullest potential.

In this class you will get the attention you deserve and you will act! He's worth every penny! Audit his class and have an experience for yourself, you have nothing to lose and SO MUCH to gain!"

--Ximena H.

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